The sturdy wooden construction allows for this vessel to provide functions beyond that of a simple ship to shore 8’ pram. Capable of being its own adventure platform or an excellent compliment to your big boat this package is full of features that should be expected on a boat that is built for actual use.

Weighing in at just over a carton of beer this boat is easy to throw on your car roof, a camper trailer or into that part of the river that would normally be inaccessible. Why get your mothership's winch or crane out when a tug on the painter can have this boat on-deck and ready to stow.

Don't like sitting on top of the outboard? or feel like you're rowing position leaves a lot to desire? not in this boat. Adjustable seats put the power in your hands to configure the boat as you require for each individual adventure. Why not take it a step further and use the seat rails with a custom seat option to add a false deck, a storage area, an esky or anything your adventure desires.

The bare hull comes standard with eyes, saddles and cleats in all the right places so you can get on with boating. The unique placement of the buoyancy chambers provides unbelievable stability in the unfortunate event of a swamping. Its one thing to float but its comfort to know that you’ll have a hard time trying to sink.

Options for the boat include;

- Small outboard (up to ~2hp) mounting - $40

- Sculling sweep (oar) - $150

- Sculling notch - free

- Oar lock sockets (pair) - $45 ($25 for single)

- Aditional seats - $20

- Customised seat options incl. false decks, cleats, storage by negotiation

- Custom sailing adaptation available for most budgets or check out the off the shelf system for $780


For colour selection please check out Norglass paints


8' Pram

SKU: 364215376135191
Outboard Mount
Oar & Sweep Mounting
Internal Paint (White or Colour)
  • LOA : 7’ 10” (2.39[m])

    Beam : 4’ (1.21[m])

    Weight: 30 kg

Mountain Boats is a registered Australian boat manufacturer and all boats are issued with an Australian Boat Plate for a piece of mind. 


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