At a glance...

The Design

Ok, so you might have seen this boat around in a previous life, the muse is the D5 which is a well-proven classic. Realistically, without adding complexity and cost there's not much variation on how you can design an 8' plywood dinghy, that is until you look inside and compare to the Mountain Boat's... 

The Difference

The longitudinal buoyancy chambers give great stability in the unfortunate event of a swamping.

These chambers double up as the seat rails to provide adjustable seating. Sorry, did I say seats? Feel free to clip whatever your adventure needs into the rails.


The Build

Production built means we've done this before.

Modern epoxide glues are the main weapon and this is what separates our product from your granddad's project. There is no metal, not an ounce of caulking and the maintenance plan is non-existant. We are so confident in this product that we stand behind our 2 year guarantee on materials and workmanship. 


Why an 8' Dinghy?

So I get asked this question a fair bit.

I first built an 8' dinghy in 2008 in my lounge room during my amateur days. Obviously, the luxury of converting my lounge room to a boatshed also meant there was no lady in my life so there was a lot of time for boating. I didn't even get around to finishing the seats (mostly because they turned out to be a great place to keep our haul) as it was always getting out on the water.

The ease of boating with this rig was outstanding, my mate would rock up with his ute, we'd chuck it in the back and park right next to where we wanted to fish. To this day I've never heard of a boat that has consistently been able to hit the water three times a week. The boat was capable too, seldom did we come home without something under the seat to eat.

Fast forward 10 years and I turn up late in the night to row out to my yacht only to discover my regular tender has been stolen! I knew the remedy and I knew building 1 boat was painful. I had also learnt by this stage that building 5 of the same boats was painful. Figuring that if I found this boat handy there must be someone else who would have the same sentiment was the birth of Mountain Boats.

Sure, feel free to just use it as a tender but don't be afraid to challenge what you can do in this 8' dinghy.