Quality wooden boats, the perfect adventure platform to get out on the water.

Mountain Boats was founded as the natural progression after a lifetime of playing around in boats. We have a passion for all things aquatic and believe that our brand is the easiest way to get out on the water for a good time.  

Our vessels are manufactured locally in Canberra and are built to Australian Standards at a minimum. To us, "Standard" is more than just structural integrity or buoyancy; standard to us is making sure you have a cleat to tie off to or a handle within hands reaches.  

We are a registered Australian boat builder and all boats are sold with an Australian Boat Plate as well as a user manual as required by the Australian Standards.

We also have a Sydney branch office next to The Knowledge Tree in Woodford Bay, Longueville for people located in Sydney (New South Wales).


Why small wooden dinghies?

First Off, Size....

After witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly you can see a correlation between the size of a vessel and the number of problems it can have. People often feel that big boats are required for big adventures however there is no correlation there and if anything, big adventures don't need more problems.

It breaks my heart how many boats (and often small ships) live on their mooring sad and lonely because their owner finds them "inconvenient". It saddens me when I hear the words "... but I couldn't be bothered rigging up the trailer to take the boat out". 

The wisdom gained from these experiences has told me that the best boat is the boat SMALL enough to meet your requirements. To deliver on this ideology Mountain Boats provide small boats that have a big capability to make sure we address your requirements.

Secondly, the wood...

Yes, we certainly didn't make this decision lightly considering that we are offering the only production built small wooden boat in Australia. That's right, I found it hard to believe as well but the current offerings are either; a bespoke construction attracting an artisan price tag, a DIY kit that may or may not get you out on the water in the next 10 years, or readily available in the 30'+ range with a price tag in the millions (check out Spencer yachts for example, absolutely stunning boats but certainly not a first boat kind of boat).

After sampling a range of rigid dinghy types wood is still the choice boat building material. The use of wood on our 8' Pram makes for a very capable boat that is both strong and light. These characteristics are then backed up by the addition of modern production techniques, adhesives and finishes to give a truly remarkable product.

We love classic wooden boats and the skills required to build them but that is not our business. The total number of adzes owned by Mountain Boats is zero.  We use the latest technologies to ensure that we are giving you the best product at a competitive price. The fact that the base material has some good aesthetic properties is more of a bonus.

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