The 12' Open Dinghy

Updated: Jan 1

The Chief Marshal Charlie has finally got onto this and has decided to crank this into production from the end of January. The bombshell is that we are releasing this boat as two, we initially tried to make this boat do too much and realised part of our core ethos is to make boats that do a selection of things well instead of doing everything in mediocracy.

In light of this news, we are very excited to announce our incoming 10' Runabout and a 12' Classic Lapstrake Skiff. Thank you all for your interest in these models and your expressions of interest. It appears to be quite a polarising topic with half of the interest wanting something classic, and the other half wanting something to motor around with ears pinned back.

There was very little cross over between these two interests which provided the direction and reminded us of what we should really be doing. We trust that these will satiate your desires and we shall have some renders of the digital designs up on a future blog.

I know we previously promised cold moulded boats but project hydrofoil as the initial distraction was blindsided by a virus that shall not be named and then all kinds of fun happened. Regarding the news in this space, we have lined up some trees and a mill and will play around with this technology over the winter to release a new cold moulded range next summer.

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