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11' Open Dinghy

The modern tinny with a wooden twist

A homage to the classic tinny this boat is adequate for three mates and an esky. Powered by up to 15hp this boat is made to move and with its elegant wood finishes, this boat is sure to impress.

We've kicked it up a notch with this build utilising 4 different species of wood to make a robust boat that weighs in under 60kg just like its aluminium and fibreglass peers.

The design is based on David Payne's "Woodie" but we've updated the design to meet current standards and what should be expected of a modern tinny.

At the heart of the update is the double-skinned foam core side panels that make the design even more robust and provide level buoyancy

That's right, level buoyancy, so you have the confidence that things can go bad without getting even worse.


On top of this, we have sourced buoyancy foam certified by Lloyds for use in life rafts so the boat is appropriate for commercial applications.


LOA: 3.36m

Beam: 1.4m

Weight: 58kgs

Max outboard: 15hp


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With the expected on-water performance confirmed with the production prototype this boat is sure to be a hit this summer.

With a larger format boat, the luxury of the added space gives flexibility meaning that this boat doesn't need the same customisation seen in our flagship model. With stowage in all the expected places and a classic layout this boat will fit most boating adventures.

The size of this boat does need some consideration of logistics as it doesn't quite have the same convenience as our 8' Pram. If this is something you need help with please advise in the form below but there are many straightforward solutions from specialised roof racks to regular boat trailers.

Please complete the form below if you'd like to know more about this vessel.

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