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2 Boats 1 Skipper

Just a fun day out on the water testing the prototype of the 11' Open Dinghy and updates for the 8' Pram's sail rig.

It's not all boat building, at some stage we do actually use our boats and it can make for a tough day at the office. On this occasion, Pip took to the water for the on-water testing of the 11' Open Dinghy.

Unfortunately, the boat is rated for a 15hp motor and we had a 25 hp petrol outboard or a 1 hp electric on-hand. We chose the sensible option for this first test and took to the water with the hull doing everything it was meant to do.

To make the most of the trip across town to the Canberra Yacht Club, Pip took a second hull, testing out some updates to the sailing kit. Unfortunately, it's hard to hold a camera while sailing so most of the clips are from the 11' Open Dinghy motoring around with the 8' Pram often being towed alongside.

On this occasion, we had to use a regular odd old oar with the sail kit as we did not have the usual luxury of our sculling sweep. While launching, one of the wiser heads at the ramp noticed that our ad-hoc addition didn't have a lanyard like our usual sweep... until this day I'd never dropped a paddle over the back of a boat.

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