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My Daily Drive

Nothing like a morning routine that gets you out in the open air as you commute to your place of work; well until it rains. On this adventure I was consigned to do some work in Sydney and skipped on the corporate hotel room in lieu of my own pied-á-terre (a boat).

No surprise the that habour master thought my booking was a no-show when all he saw in the pen was a "tender"..

How to beat the harsh Sydney traffic

When my boss first told me about a gig in Sydney I was pretty excited about delivering my work but wasn't overly thrilled about the location. This was the first time I had traveled with this company so I diligently reviewed the travel policy and my eyes lit up when I saw an option to self-accommodate with family and friends.

I find myself visiting Sydney enough that I maintain a boat in the harbour for accommodation instead of paying the outrageous hotel prices that Sydney demands. Its a modest boat big enough for a single fella to comfortably live on with enough amenities to enable me to turn up to work looking my regular sharp self. I have a few "friends" that live near my boat...

It didn't take me long to put these two points together and I subsequently got on with hatching a plan to work out how this would logistically work. When the company submitted the price for the work the client didn't even notice the subtle detail that my expenses included "parking" at a marina just down the road from their office.

The biggest problem Sydney faces with its roads and public infrastructure is basically the giant habour and all the waterways that are right in the middle of it. From my experience, I knew that coin could be flipped by using the in-the-way-harbour as part of the transport process.

In a coincidence I had a hair dressing appointment in Sydney the weekend before the gig kicked off. The unexpected opportunity of already having the family car booked provided the logistics to bring the demo-model of the 8' Pram into service as a daily drive. The Work Order was signed off and the stage was set for one of the more notable chapters in my life.

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