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Anchoring with a Running Line

Just a handy trick that might come in useful.

Anchoring is a vital skill for any competent boat operator but a little extra homework is an easy way to level up your boating game. This trick is as old as time so I'll let my Friend, Dangar Stu introduce this trick. We are simply presenting an insta-perfect variation that produces a Mediterranean style mooring system with the aft to a wharf (the fence in this case).

The video referenced below is produced by Dangar Marine as he has already done an excellent job of explaining so without further ado...

In the example we've presented we have used the returning loop to hold the stern of the boat which has been secured to the fence behind it. Luckily, in this case, the boat was sitting on the ground but if we add water this will hold the stern of the boat which can be a handy trick at a busy jetty.

If you are to produce this version at home the lead between the anchor's chain and the stainless steel loop would have to be at least five times bigger. This demonstration is scaled for ants but fits better in the image; I did have a little on the water fun to see if it would such a short lead would work but the conventional wisdom of having a generous scope was proven correct.

This is a handy trick for mooring out on a dam especially or water body with consistent tide levels.

If you are in a tidal area then don't hang your boat or tie it down to drown! Make sure the lead from the jetty to the stern is long enough to allow for any rise and fall of the tide.

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