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Mountain Boats

Modern wooden boats built right here (inside these sea containers) in Australia's Captial Territory.

Small boats, big adventures. No kits, just boating

Simple boats that are only limited by your appetite for adventure. We specialise in small boats so you can get on with boating instead of maintenance and hassle.


Wood is the classic option for a boat and provides a sustainable boating solution without compromise. Modern engineered wood boats build on the age-old lessons learnt and are completed by the addition of modern science to produce a product comparable to any hull.

We build our boats right here in Australia and we are bringing back the wooden boat market. A solid wooden build provides several functional advantages with an elegance that only wood can provide. 

Low maintenance

Modern adhesives and paints mean that our boats only require a level of maintenance similar to any normal boat. 


Somewhere between bespoke and production line, we have found a sweet spot that creates a standard craft with customisable features.


We are happy to deliver anywhere in Australia personally* or by frieght. WA and SA take us a bit longer to get to but we are this will change as we open a second factory in WA. *NT by freight only.

Made in Australia

Built to Australian and International standards, we deliver a capable set of boats that can row, tow, and can take an outband - we now even have a sailing option avaliable.

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We are very excited to have the first production run of our new 11' Open Dinghy scheduled to hit the markets in October. This classic Australian icon is presented with a wooden twist that will take up to 15hp on the transom.

Designed to carry 4 people this vessel is the next level of boating provided by Mountain Boats at 3.5m length overall. The foam-cored sides provide level buoyancy and build on an already robust glued laminate solid wood frame.

With stowage throughout the boat, this vessel will unlock another level of adventures. Get ready for the power and performance of electric boating when combined with a Navy series motor from Epropulsions.

The New Kid on the Block

Tall tales from Chuck

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