Mountain Boats

Light, sturdy, and nearly maintainence free... without the artisan price tag.

We are/make/do Mountain Boats

Mountain Boats is the sustainable solution to the recreational boat market.


We provide sustainability without compromising performance by using wood with a healthy dose of science and modern technology.    


What does this mean? More affordable boating for you. 

Mountain Boats now manufactures durable, economical wooden boats that are practical as they are beautiful. 

Low maintenance

Our boats are constructed of 2-pac epoxy that make the craft virtually maintenance-free.


Somewhere between bespoke and production line, we have found a sweet spot that creates a standard craft with customisable features.

Range of Sizes

Our flag ship is our 8' dinghy; more than enough boat if you know how to use it. For those who might want something a bit bigger we are working on our bigger models now, check it out on the Instagram.

Made in Australia

Built to Australian and International standards, we deliver a capable set of boats that can row, tow, and can take an outband - we now even have a sailing option avaliable.


Weighing in at just over a carton of beer this boat is easy to throw on your car roof, a camper trailer or into that part of the river that would normally be inaccessible. Why get your mothership's winch or crane out when a tug on the painter can have this boat on-deck and ready to stow.

Adjustable seats put the power in your hands to configure the boat as you require for each individual adventure. Why not take it a step further and use the seat rails with a custom seat option to add a false deck, a storage area, an esky or anything your adventure desires.

Now Available: 8" Pram

More Mountain Boat Products

Mountain Boats is a registered Australian boat manufacturer and all boats are issued with an Australian Boat Plate for piece of mind. 


Mountain Boats