A new age for wooden boats - light, sturdy, nearly maintenance-free and without an artisan price tag...

Welcome to Mountain Boats, the specialists in small boat fun. To deliver on this we produce brand new wooden boats built using the latest technologies and modern techniques.

The words wooden boat often insight fears of throwing money at a hole in the water, however, our products are very economical and the use of 2 pack epoxy makes the boats virtually maintenance-free.

To prove that we want to make a big impression on the small boat enthusiast we are building our range up from the smallest to largest (largest small boat per sé... we're not here to make small ships) to make sure we fulfil all of the small boat niches.  

"Small boat" can mean a lot of different things to different people so we envisage a range of models from our current 8' Pram right through to a trailer-able 23' day cruiser.

Our current production run for the 8' Pram delivers a very capable boat built to Australian and International Standards that rows, tows, can take an outboard and now has a sailing option available.

Mountain Boats is a registered Australian boat manufacturer and all boats are issued with an Australian Boat Plate for a piece of mind.

Why dream of big boat problems when a small boat solution can get you out on the water today?

Watch out for the release of our 12' open dinghy in 2020!


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