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Mountain Boats

Modern wooden boats built right here in Australia's Captial Territory.

We are/make/do Mountain Boats

Wooden boats but not as it's been known for some time. Wood is the classic option for a boat but instead of the traditional solution, we provide modern affordable boating.

We build our boats right here in Australia and we are bringing back the wooden boat market. A solid wooden build provides a functional hull with an elegance that only wood can provide. 

Sustainability often means compromise but wood has stood the test of time as a boat building material. We ultimately make wooden boats to provide you with the best boating solution.

Low maintenance

Our boats are constructed of 2-pac epoxy that make the craft virtually maintenance-free.


Somewhere between bespoke and production line, we have found a sweet spot that creates a standard craft with customisable features.


14 day delivery on all stocked items including hulls.

Made in Australia

Built to Australian and International standards, we deliver a capable set of boats that can row, tow, and can take an outband - we now even have a sailing option avaliable.

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Weighing in at just over a carton of beer this boat is easy to throw on your car roof, a camper trailer or into that part of the river that would normally be inaccessible. Why get your mothership's winch or crane out when a tug on the painter can have this boat on-deck and ready to stow.

Adjustable seats put the power in your hands to configure the boat as you require for each individual adventure. Why not take it a step further and use the seat rails with a custom seat option to add a false deck, a storage area, an esky or anything your adventure desires.

Now Available: 8" Pram

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