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*This is an addition/option for the 8' Pram hull. Price does not include hull which is listed seperately*


A sporting sail from Star Kayak Sails (3.0m2), rigging, leeboards (Dutch style centreboard) and our signature sculling sweep. Fantastic performance up and downwind giving you the ability to zip around your mooring or even leave the big boat behind.

The sail is operated with two lines; one for the furler to turn the power on, off, or anywhere in between; and the main sheet used to control the sail. The sculling sweep provides steerage in lieu of a rudder to give a very simple but capable system.

Thanks to the partnership with Star Kayak Sails this rig is surprisingly nimble and user-friendly. The mast is specifically designed to spill the wind if you leave out too much sail in heavy winds. Even if you do try to capsize the vessel with this rig the strategic placement of the buoyancy chambers means that most of the time you'll just keep on sailing but you might want to get onto bailing.

Sail Kit for 8' Pram

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