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Our flagship model and the spirit of small boating, our 8' Pram is capable of big adventures without the hassle of big boat problems.

We can tailor these dinghies to your specific needs but after making a few of them we have noticed some consistent themes and now offer the Dam Buster, Cruiser and New Caledonia packages. You'll still need to pick a colour for the external finish and we recommend using a coloured pigment on the inside if it'll be left under constant UV exposure.


The Dam Buster is perfect for occupying your dam or local inland water body. This layout is ready to be fitted with oars and/or simple human-powered propulsion. This boat is made for convenience with a cheese and baguette bow that is left open for storage and basic buoyancy. 


The Cruiser is fitted with an outboard mount and the wave-piercing bow that is ready for any adventure. With a sealed bow area boasting level buoyancy, this boat can be paired with a selection of outboards to make a champagne cruiser or fishing rig that can head as far up the creek as it can venture out the heads.


The New Caledonia is a turnkey sail boat which includes everything required to go as far as the rest of your gadgets will allow. The sail rig provides excellent performance with its modern shape and in-mast furling with one control line means easy operation. With a sculling sweep as the rear control surface (in lieu of a rudder) this layout is made for adventures not racing around in circles.


If you know your boats and want something in-between these different levels of boat we are happy to tailor your boat to match your specific needs at no extra cost. A common variation for car topping is to use the cheese and baguette bow which gives better clearance between the roof racks and the top of your car.


Find out more about tailoring your boat by clicking this sentence.


If you are looking for something special or have no idea what you are looking for please contact us with a description of how you see yourself using your dinghy. An important consideration is the overland movement and how you plan on accessing the water. We are happy to provide a quote building on what you are looking for. Don't forget to pick the colour for your boat!


8' Pram

  • LOA : 7’ 10” (2.39[m])

    Beam : 4’ (1.21[m])

    Weight: 30 kg

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