Our flagship model and the spirit of small boating, our 8' Pram is capable of big adventures without the hassle of big boat problems. Weighing in at just over a carton and a half of beer; our boats are made from engineered wood to produce a modern high-performance product.


Forget the boat ramp and the potential to become a YouTube Star, these boats are easy to throw on your car roof, a camper trailer or into that part of the river that would normally be inaccessible. Why get your mothership's winch or crane out when a tug on the painter can have this boat on-deck and ready to stow.

Don't like sitting on top of the outboard? or feel like you're rowing position leaves a lot to desire? not in this boat. Adjustable seats put the power in your hands to configure the boat as you require for each individual adventure. Why not take it a step further and use the seat rails with a custom seat option to add a false deck, a storage area, an esky or anything your adventure desires.


The innovative seat design hides the boat's base feature being built with longitudinal buoyancy chambers to assist level flotation as part of a multi-layered solution to produce the safest vessel we can. Every Pram is produced in accordance with the Australian Standard for Small Craft (a.k.a recreational boats) at a minimum and is delivered with an Australian Boat Plate with HIN certificate.

The price listed is the basic hull which comes in two main variations; the Wave-Piercing bow or the River Cruising Foc's'le. Beyond this, there are a few options that will make your vessel a match made on the water. The main question here is propulsion; you can BYO gadgets/ebay finds or tell us how you would see yourself using the boat for advice on common propulsion solutions.


After committing to buying a basic hull we will contact you to provide a Client Brief which we believe will suit your desired boating situation. If you're not sure where to start or just want something to get out on the water our most basic hull and propulsion package is the addition of a sculling notch and the Chief Marshal Charlie's Signature Sculling Sweep.


If the Chief Marshal Charlie thinks that you need a specific option to better facilitate your boating adventures this will be communicated in the Client Brief which is provided for your consideration and approval were appropriate. Some of the common options are listed as separate products in this store. There's no need to reinvent the wheel, these products are some of the pre-existing solutions that we thought worked out pretty well. Simply add your preferred product option to your cart with the basic hull and any further detail can be fleshed out in the client brief.

Common options for the boat include;

- Small outboard (up to ~2.5hp) mounting - $80

- Sculling sweep (oar) - $150

- Sculling notch - free

- Oar lock sockets (pair) - $30 /pair

- Aditional seats - $40

- Customised seat options incl. false decks, cleats, storage by negotiation

- Custom sailing adaptation available for most budgets or check out the off the shelf system listed as a separate product.


Free choice of colour as according to Norglass colour schedules.


8' Pram

  • LOA : 7’ 10” (2.39[m])

    Beam : 4’ (1.21[m])

    Weight: 30 kg