Our flagship model and the spirit of small boating, our 8' Pram is capable of big adventures without the hassle of big boat problems.

The price listed is the basic hull only allowing you to add your preferred propulsion method. We are happy to help with this part of the experience by offering engine mounting plates, rowing hardware or whatever your creativity desires. If you're not sure where to start or just want something to get out on the water; our most basic option is the addition of a sculling notch and the Chief Marshal Charlie's Signature Sculling Sweep.


Find out more about tailoring your boat by clicking this sentance.


Your boat is currently waiting at a 90% complete state so that we can tailor the last 10% to match your specific boating scenario. After committing to buying a basic hull we will contact you to provide a Client Brief that we believe will suit your desired boating situation. Don't forget to pick the colour for your boat!


8' Pram

  • LOA : 7’ 10” (2.39[m])

    Beam : 4’ (1.21[m])

    Weight: 30 kg