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How to reverse a trailer

The ritual of the ramp, most have a well-practiced process others have a list and some people just faff around for hours and still forget the bungs. Then there's the art of reversing the trailer which is the subject of many memes and countless entertaining videos.

One of the conveniences of our 8' Pram is that the trailer is optional and so is the ramp. The dimensions of this boat will fit inside a station wagon, on regular roof racks, a small (or large) van, or even a regular old box trailer.

In the clip attached to this article, at the start of the day I was the envy of the boat ramp when the boat was in the water off crabbing in 5 minutes. On return to the jetty, I was heading home in 3 minutes.

Maybe you want to avoid the ramp all together or the spot you want to get to is too far from the ramp? The weight of the boat means you can simply park near the water and carry it down to your desired location and the inherently shallow draft means that often you can launch from a riverbank without even getting your feet wet.

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