It gets my goat!

In 2007 the Carrier Strike Group of the United States Navy banned all live mascots and Master Chief Petty Officer Charlie was discharged from active duty. Despite a diligent and fastidious career, the nature of Charlie being a goat meant that he was not provided with a pension, health care or any of the other usual benefits earnt by veterans.

Given the situation Charlie was forced to stay in the workforce. He set up a little goat pen for himself and figuring he knew a thing about boats got to work making very capable vessels. With a knowledge of all things nautical it didn’t take long for Charlie to exceed in his craft earning his title of Chief Marshal.

The association of goats with boats predates modern history as these sure-footed quadrupeds are well adapted to life on the sea. In the days before refrigeration their production of dairy made them welcomed shipmate as they are preferable to lugging cow onto your ship.

The Chief Marshal Charlie represents a knowledge of what it means to be out on a boat. His name is synonymous with the persona of the brand being more than a logo.

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